Al Peter

It was a privilege serving my community as trustee of Anderson Township for eight years. In that time, I brought my 30 years of corporate experience to local government. I helped institute disciplined planning and fiscal controls to our township government and significantly enhanced the quality of life in Anderson. I am especially proud of this accomplishment.

Anderson Township provides excellent basic services such as fire, EMS, police, and road maintenance and repair. In addition, the trustees have worked hard to utilize TIF (Tax Increment Financing) revenues to fund projects aimed at keeping property values high, encouraging economic development, and improving the quality of life in Anderson. This was accomplished with only one voter-approved tax since 2001, while the CPI has risen by 26% over the same time.

America has entered a period of economic uncertainty. Through a conservative fiscal Anderson Township prepared for the downturn by reducing the 2009 budget to less than was spent in the previous year, with contingency plans for even more reductions, if necessary. Additional tax levies are not anticipated for at least five more years, even in the face of falling revenues. I am pleased to have been associated with this achievement.

As your trustee, I was dedicated to maintaining the high standards Anderson residents expect of its government, while pursuing a policy of fiscal conservatism in all matters of Anderson Township government.  I trust this will continue with the new administration

It has been a pleasure to serve the residents of Anderson,

Al Peter

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